When you notice data loss, please close all the running programs to avoid possible disk writing operations. Some programs may generate a large number of temporary files during the running process, and these temporary files may also overwrite the files to be recovered. These overwrites will cause secondary damage to your lost files, so please close the application as soon as possible.

If some data needs to be recovered in a disk partition, do not write or save data in this partition. For example, operations such as installing software in this partition, saving files and copying files, etc., will write data to the disk partition, which may damage the data content of the files to be restored. Please save the data to be recovered on another disk (or disk partition). Otherwise, the newly written data may overwrite other files to be restored.

After doing this, run Seaone data recovery software, which will help you maximize the data recovery effect.
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Last modified: May 24, 2022