Why recover with “Recycle bin Recovery” method?

Even if “universal data recovery” method can get your files back, we strongly recommend you use “recycle bin recovery”. 

When you lose files by emptying recycly bin, the smartest way to find files is using recycle bin recovery. 

“Recycle bin recovery” provides more precise scanning and recovering files. So it takes less time to recover files from recycle bin recovery. 

Why the files’ names are different from the original file name after recovery?

The system will change the file’s name when files are cleaned from recycle bin in windows. So you will find the lost file with another title. Check by file lost time, size, or other information. Only the “recycle bin recovery” will change the original name. Other recovery methods don’t change the lost file name.

The “recycle bin recovery” applies to the following scenarios.

You want to find your files when you empty the recycle Bin.

Permanently delete files by pressing” Shift+delete.”

Faster way to restore files with Seaones Recycle bin recovery.

Step 1. Find the Recycle Bin icon on the Universal data recovery main interface.

Step 2. Double click the Recycle Bin button, and then the program scans the computer profoundly and precisely. 

Step 3. Find you want to restore files from the list. 

Notice, The file’s name will be different from before. Since the system will change the file name when emptying the recycle bin. 

Step 4. Choose the path where you save the files.

Notice, If your computer only has one C partition, you must save the files on the U disk since recovery software doesn’t restore files in the same path.  

What the difference between “Undelete file” and “from recovery bin”?

undelete-filesWhen you lose files by pressing “shift+delete” or emptying the recycle bin, use the “Undelete files” recovery button. The “Undelete files” method supports the two kinds of situations.

The “from recycle bin” method only supports lost files by emptying the recycle bin.

Last modified: June 17, 2022