In the process of using the computer, we will merge or split the hard disk partitions, but during the operation, we may lose the files initially stored on the hard disk due to mistakes. Is there any way to restore the merged or split files of the hard disk? Let’s find out.Partition Recovery – one of the Universal data recovery features.

Is it possible that data can be recovered after the computer is repartitioned?

Data loss caused by repartitioning is a relatively complicated situation. After you reinstall the system, if you have not saved other files besides the C drive, the disk’s data can be completely recovered. Be careful don’t do anything to avoid the file being overwritten.

If other files have not been saved after the computer is repartitioned, it is recommended to use professional data recovery software such as “Seaones partition recovery” for data recovery. Data recovery software can help you recover computer partitions efficiently, reduce the risk of data loss, support the recovery of multiple data types, and deeply scan mode to ensure that your files are restored.

Features of Seaones Partition Recovery.partition recovery

  • Restore entire partition data from deleted partitions or lost partitions after partitioning
  • Recover data loss when several partitions merge to single-partition “The disk is not formatted” error (can also try the format section)
  • Recover data from single-partition or split partitions after Ghost
  • Preview common file types after the scan
  • Recover data from partitions not recognized by the OS, like RAW partitions and non-Windows partitions
  • Recovered after reformattingPartition Recovery – is one of the Universal data recovery features.

Step by step show Partition recovery with Seaones Partition Data Recovery.

Step 1. Find the Partition Recovery button on the Universal data recovery main interface.

Step 2. Double click the Partition recovery button, and then the program scans the Partition, Maximum list of the files.

Step 3. Find you want to restore files from the list. 

Step 4. Choose the path where you save the files.

Notice, If your computer only has one C partition, you must save the files on the U disk since recovery software doesn’t restore files in the same path.  

Step 5. Successful. Try opening the file again. 

Last modified: June 17, 2022