The format operation does not completely delete the files but only can’t display them on the hard drive.

Usually, it can be recovered. Because the operating system defaults to a quick format when performing a format. A quick format only partially rebuilds the file system and does not erase the data on the hard drive itself. After formatting, as long as the lost files are not overwritten by continuing to write data to the hard disk (for example, installing the system, saving files, etc.), the possibility of recovering the lost files is very high.

If a large amount of data is written to the hard disk after formatting, or the format is performed using a slow format, the possibility of lost file recovery will be very little, The recovery success rate is also low.

How to recover files from formatted hard drive

If your windows system still work normally, the easiest recovery method is to use the “Unformat recovery” mode in Universal data recovery, which has a high success rate in recovering hard disk data and can recover files in formatted FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS partitions.

When the hard disk is formatted, it cannot be interrupted. You should not worry about losing your files because of wrong operations. When your hard drive is completely formatted, we just need to use the Unformate button to let the software scan the hard drive, and check the files to be recovered from the list of scanned files.

So it is possible to recover files from a formatted hard drive. Usually, universal data recovery can quickly achieve the purpose of file recovery. 

Unformated- recover files from formated hard drive.

  • The features of Seaones formatted data recovery(unformatted);
  • Recover data from accidentally formatted disks;
  • Disk files disappear accidentally;
  • Folders or file names changed to weird characters;
  • Double click on folder does not open or prompt error;
  • “The disk is not formatted” error(can also try partition Loss section);
  • Preview common file types after the scan.

There is no significant difference in recovery methods between accidental formatting and accidental deletion.

Last modified: June 29, 2022