Can data be recovered after formatted hard drive?

The format operation does not completely delete the files but only can’t display them on the hard drive. Usually, it can be recovered. Because the operating system defaults to a quick format when performing a format. A quick format only partially rebuilds the file system and does not erase the data on the hard drive... » read more

How to recover permanently deleted files from recycle bin in Windows?

Why recover with “Recycle bin Recovery” method? Even if “universal data recovery” method can get your files back, we strongly recommend you use “recycle bin recovery”.  When you lose files by emptying recycly bin, the smartest way to find files is using recycle bin recovery.  “Recycle bin recovery” provides more precise scanning and recovering files. So it takes less time to recover files from... » read more

Features of Universal Data Recovery

For recovering easily, a wizard and friendly interface is designed. According to the data loss situation, the user selects the corresponding recovery mode and can complete the data recovery operation by clicking the mouse step by step through the software prompts.  Universal Data Recovery supports six recovery modes: deleted file recovery, entire partition file recovery,... » read more

Video of Universal Data Recovery

The video show recovery picture with Universal Data Recovery. It takes a long time to scan all the disks, so locating the scan disk can save time. The scanned files are listed by file type, such as documents, videos, pictures, etc. Choose the file type. Here we choose pictures. The pictures are also classified according... » read more